Creamed Spinach

Taking an idea from creamed kale, this is a simple dish of spinach and cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese may not be a term all are familiar with, but to put it into context, it is simple curd cheese which you could easily make yourself by straining natural yoghurt through a muslin ... or, buy a tub.

As with all things paleo, get the best you can.

Let's get cooking ...

Boil one egg per person.

Eggs should be free range at the very least, woodland reared are best since the chickens are left to roam, peck and scratch for grubs natural to their diet, and the taste difference is evident.

Wilt a good quantity of spinach in a frying pan with some butter.

Take time to get all the moisture evaporated from the spinach - wet spinach mixed with cream cheese will not look good. Add a little white pepper and some paprika for a little taste.

Combine with some cottage cheese, stirring in thoroughly.

Plate up by laying slices of egg on a clean white plate. Sprinkle a dusting of cayenne pepper over. Spoon the spinach mixture over the top.

Feel free to combine this with whatever combination of meat, fish or shellfish you wish.