Spaghetti Paleonese (AKA "Spag Bol")

Spaghetti Paleonese (AKA "Spag Bol")
Spag Bol?

Hell yeah! That's what we call it here in Britain - a made up Italian dish done completely wrong, but remains a classic and a favourite of British cuisine.

Why wrong?

Well, pasta should always be mixed with the sauce - when first introduced to Britain, pasta was cooked and put on the plate with the sauce placed over the top.

Yes, we did it wrong, but it is well loved and nowadays, that method can be celebrated ... even repeated without attracting scorn and condemnation :)

To business ...

Take some beef mince - a pound will do it, and be sufficient for two. Get it browning in a large lidded sauté pan.

Once browned, toss in a chopped onion and several cloves of minced garlic. Put the lid on and get the onions rapidly softened in the steam.

Toss in a few diced mushrooms to soak up all the excess fat.

Pour in a carton or can of chopped tomatoes and stir in.

Add the flavour enhancers - a good squirt of tomato purée, several slugs of Worcestershire Sauce, a beef stock cube, some ground black pepper and a good helping of dried oregano.

Dice some carrot and toss that in, along with a good helping of water.

Lid on ... cook on for an hour, or so, on a good simmer.

Raise the heat to reduce the remaining liquid while you julienne the flesh of a courgette and toss it in a frying pan to warm through.

Serve up with the courgette spaghetti in a bowl, placing the Bolognese on top carefully so as not to mix it up - the Italians might, but we Brits don't ... not with this dish.

Finally, omit the parmesan! If you really must, those awful tubes of so-called parmesan that smells of bad feet should be used! This is a British dish and it would be a great shame to ruin it with some good and proper parmesan!

Best just leave it out ...