Scallops over Leek and Lemon Risotto

Scallops, awesome!

Risotto rice, tasty and a good carb kick when you need it!

Together? Heaven!

Risotto rice is a real paleo+ treat - it is carby, but don't worry as we're not having a lot; just a taster.

To work ...

Soften some butter in a frying pan and chuck in some shredded leek.

Swirl some risotto rice around in the remaining butter and pour over a good glass of white wine, keeping the heat up to cook out the wine and impart a great flavour into the dish.

Once cooked through, add more ... or water, if you want to drink more of the wine.

There is a simple rule of thumb among cooks - DO NOT cook with wine you would not drink. Take a bottle that you want to drink and cook with it.

Back to the rice ...

Keep cooking the rice on with more water, as necessary.

Ready? Serve out onto a crisp clean plate.

Wash out the pan quickly and get more butter in there ... let it brown, beurre noisette.

Drop in some scallops and swirl them around, not overcooking, but colouring just enough.

Turn out onto the top of the risotto and pour over a little dark butter.

Squeeze of lemon, done!