Warm Salad of Salmon & Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a paleo superfood!

Such a small vegetable providing an astounding pack of  vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fibre, not to mention anti-cancer benefits, particularly believed to protect against colon cancer since they contain sinigrin.

Keeping cooking to a minimum, these anti-cancer benefits are largely retained.

So, what's in this salad?

Begin by poaching some salmon. I like to vacuum pack the salmon and allow it to bathe in water around 60 degrees for a couple of hours. This retains so much of the flavour which is usually lost to poaching water. Feel free to just poach in water and use the water as part of a soup or amuse bouche.

Take 8 or 10 sprouts each, cleaning off the outside leaves and boil for long enough to be softened on the outside but still some firmness in the middle. Drain off, cut in half and keep warm by returning to the hot pan covering with a saucer or lid.

I accompanied my sprouts with some chorizo, lightly fried off. Bacon would be excellent, too, working well with salmon.

When ready to plate up, scatter the sprout halves over the plate, the chorizo or bacon, some leaves and then the poached salmon over the top.

Salads need two other things:

First, a sauce. I made up a Hollandaise sauce with two egg yolks, a squeeze of lemon juice, poured some melted butter and then warmed over a pan of boiling water.

Eggs should be as natural as you can get them - fully woodland reared where they are left to scratch and peck for grubs is perfect.

Second, croutons! I made up some half inch cubes of potato and deep fried them in dripping.

If potatoes are not something that you want to eat as part of your paleo diet, any root veg with whatever your favourite fat will do just fine. Pre-boiled and shallow fried would work out well, too.

Garnish with a couple of stalks of quickly boiled asparagus spears and maybe some pecorino shavings.