Stuffed Pancakes [Pancake Day!]

Shrove Tuesday ... Pancake Day!

Stuffed Pancakes


Simplify some manioc tortilla using half a cup of the flour, two eggs, quarter cup of grated pecorino and a touch of melted butter. Four 6" pancakes.


Turkey mince, prawns and steamed cauliflower flavoured with ground coriander, black pepper and chillies.

Brown off the mince, add in some prawns, steam the cauliflower, crush and combine with the meat. Add flavours, you're done.

I also put in a few stalks of asparagus.

Cheese Sauce

Cheddar, double cream and English mustard. Melt, let out with a little cream and add a touch of mustard for a gentle bite. That's all.

Put the lot together and enjoy ...