Haddock & Open Piccalilli

Open Piccalilli? Yes, you know ... de-constructed, like.

Piccalilli is an Anglicisation on Indian pickles, tracing back to the middle of the eighteenth century. Simple, pickled vegetables, mustard and chilli; vegetables brightly coloured with spices such as turmeric.

Not needing to preserve a large batch, since we'll be eating the lot as a meal, I simply went for a sousing in cider vinegar for a few hours ...


Cauliflower - boil in water with turmeric
Radish - sliced
Onions - small pickled onions
Garlic - pre-pickled, simply sliced
Chilli - de-seeded and shredded

Put the lot together in a bowl with some cider vinegar, English mustard and sea salt. Stir a few times over a couple of hours before serving.


Simply skin and pan-fry in your favourite paleo fat - I used salted butter. Don't over-cook it! Just three minutes each side is fine.


Serve out, fish first over some salad leaves, piccalilii over the top. We also had some leftover Gratin Dauphinoise, re-heated.

The cold pickled worked so well with the fish, spicy and fresh spikes of flavour softened by the warm flesh.

Most definitely a "do again" ...