Pescado a la Veracruzana

Fish in the style of Veracruz.

Highly colourful, seriously flavoursome and everything you'd expect from Mexican cuisine. Perfect for pepping up a bland piece of North Atlantic pollock.

Upon reading an ingredient list for Veracruz Sauce, you would not be the first person to double-take and think you were reading the recipe for a Mediterranean dish, but when you consider the influence of the Spanish upon the people of Veracruz, the penny drops.

Veracruz Sauce

Tomato as the base, onion, garlic, fennel, chillies, capers, olives, sea salt, black pepper and some parsley.

That was my sauce, started with some red palm oil, the onion, fennel and garlic softened and in with some chopped tomatoes, followed by de-seeded and shredded chillies, capers, olives, sea salt and black pepper.

Chopped parsley and set to simmer ...

Upon tasting, it was a little mild so I popped in a little naga jolokia paste!

Now it demands your attention! Phew!!!


North Atlantic pollock.

White fish, part of the cod family. Fished now as an alternative to cod, it's cheap, it fries, it bakes, it steams, it's versatile and simply put a damn good piece of fish.

You might have noticed that the more common oregano and marjoram do not feature in my sauce recipe? Well, I'm going to dust the fish with dried herbs: marjoram.

When you're ready to eat, simply fry these off in some of your favourite paleo fat - yes, goose fat for me. Three minutes each side will do admirably.

But first ...

Sweet Potato Wedges

Great on its own, but it's Friday night and we want a feast!

Take a sweet potato, wash it, cut into wedges and pop them into the oven for about half an hour in a little of your favourite paleo fat. Turn a couple of times during cooking.


Serve out with the wedges in the middle, spooning some of the sauce onto each plate, laying a piece of fish on and more sauce over.

I finished the dish with some diced Sharon Fruit.

Any Veracruzians out there, please tell me how I did ...