Rice Pudding [Impromptu ... from leftovers]

Rice Pudding? Is it paleo? Is it primal? Is it ancestral?

Nah! But ...

You cook a great stew, cook up some starch to go with it - rice for me, mashed potato for Mrs and you end up with some rice left over.

Rice Pudding

Well, you could chill it, which I gather increases the resistant starch element ... best hop over to Free the Animal for the skinny on that one; or, you could make up a quick pudding.

You're supposed to use pudding rice for rice pudding, or you could use tapioca, but we're making this on the fly, remember ...

Simply pour in some double cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and reduce to a thick, sticky pudding. If you really can't eat this without sweetener, add whatever it is you do - palm sugar ain't so bad.