Vegetable Stew

Beans, properly prepared, represent a reasonable source of protein while their dietary dangers are reduced to a level that our bodies in good order can deal with.

I was reminded of this after our daughter gave us a granddaughter the other day and I set about to fill her freezer with good food that can easily be defrosted and heated through. She eats vegetarian. I don't want to make her up ugly, heavy pasta dishes, but I do want to make her something good, wholesome and primal, and therein lies a problem: protein.

What I did was to make up a huge batch of vegetable stew: onion, squash, aubergine, courgette, peppers, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, marjoram, Worcestershire Sauce, a touch of bouillon, sea salt and black pepper. Butter beans provided the protein, to be boosted with cheese, freshly grated and melted over upon re-heating.

Sounds reasonable ...

Vegetable Stew

It was a compromise, but nevertheless, good food with protein from acceptable sources, both primally and from a vegetarian standpoint.

... and so, I thought it's about time we had another experiment.

I made up exactly the same for us. It was very tasty and the beans made an interesting change for us. I do have to confess that I wimped out on trusting them for protein and quickly fried off a piece of tail end sea bass fillet each. Without the fish, it would be perfectly vegetarian.

We have leftovers ...

Tomorrow, they'll be mixed with some sausages and grated cheese over, maybe a fried egg.