Tuna, Fried Potatoes & Sharon Fruit Salsa [Filthy Friday Food]

Ahhh ... another week down! Friday night, and time to let our hair down ...

Curiously, I was given a bag of Chilli Doritos during the day and far be it for me to throw away food, I thought we'd enjoy them as a little pre-dinner snack with cheese, soured cream, pickled chillies and guacamole alongside ...

Filthy Friday Food

... and onto the main course: Seared Tuna, Fried Potatoes, Red Cabbage and Soured Cream.

Filthy Friday Food

Using a pre-baked potato, chilled over night and cut into wedges, fried potatoes were simply a case of frying these wedges off in some coconut oil.

Shredded red cabbage on the plate, soured cream dotted over.

Sharon fruit cubed up, squeeze of lime and chopped chillies stirred through.

Meanwhile, a good slab of tuna was searing on a cast iron griddle. Once seared, cut into slices and assemble the plate by mingling the tuna slices in and amongst potato wedges, salsa over, pickled chillies and chive to garnish.

Awesome! Absolutely awesome!