Cod & Orange

Fish and fruit is a curious combination which always seems to work even if logic dictates to the contrary.

Cod is a tough one to pair with fruit, but I found an interesting idea in an Icelandic cook book ...

Tonight, I put together a delightful dish of cod, orange, black olives, savoy cabbage and some par-boiled and sautéed potatoes. That's the ingredient list - if you're going to make this up, you'll also need some of your favourite paleo fat and something to garnish, chives in my case.

The orange seemed to really bring out the flavour in the cod as well as enhancing the natural sweetness of the cabbage, all anchored with those few slices of potato as a base while the olives punched through periodically with yet another flavour and oily effect.

Straight into it ...

Peel, slice and par-boil some potatoes.

This is the base of the dish, so if potatoes are not within your paleo template then pick something else. I would not advise sweet potato for fear of tipping the balance on the sweetness of the dish and particularly the effect of that sweetness on the other ingredients. Squash would be a good choice - steamed through.

Remove the potatoes and continue with the boiling water and a steamer of shredded savoy cabbage over.

Peel and segment your orange.

Take two skillets - in the first, sauté your potato slices in your favourite paleo fat for a few minutes (yes, "goose fat, for me") and then get your second skillet on the heat with more of your favourite fat (butter, now) and lay your cod fillets in, presentation side down. Three or four minutes and flip them over, switch off the heat and let the remaining flesh cook through in the residual heat.

Serve up ...

Potatoes down first, savoy cabbage intermingled, cod interspersed with orange segments, olives all around and garnish over the top.

Eat, enjoy ...