Cod, Chorizo, Sprouts, Carrots & Lemon Butter Sauce

I've made this a number of times now in various guises, but don't think I've presented it here ...

Cod & Chorizo is a no-brainer - it just works.

Cod with steamed vegetables works - sprouts and carrots, perfectly.

Cod seems to like simple butter sauces or be drowned in heavy dairy and herb sauces. Here, a simple butter and lemon sauce with chives.

Let's spin around the ingredients ...
  • Fish - Cod and butter to pan fry
  • Chorizo - Chorizo, nothing more
  • Vegetables - Sprouts and carrots
  • Sauce - Butter, lemon juice, white pepper, sea salt and chives
Yes, that simple.

First, get the vegetables prepared and steaming.

Once the vegetables are almost ready, warm a skillet and cook through chunks or slices of chorizo. Pour the vegetables in and sautee through in the fats release.

Warm another skillet and melt some butter, frying off the cod for three or four minutes on the presentation side, switch the heat off, flip over and finish off in the residual heat for a few minutes while the vegetables keep warm and you whip up your sauce.

In a pan, melt some butter, turn the heat off and whisk into some lemon juice. Don't overdo it - just a splash, taste, little more if need be. Whisk in to make an emulsion. Whisk it ... whisk it again. Touch of white pepper, sea salt perhaps if using unsalted butter and a generous amount of chives.

Serve out, vegetables and chorizo as a bed, fish on top and sauce over.