St Valentine's Day Dinner

St Valentine's Day

Ribeye Steak

I found a lovely pair of ribeye steaks at our local farm shop, locally grown, organically, and locally slaughtered, not religiously.

Steak is simple. It's a meal in itself, but there are other ingredients which make is quite excellent: red onion, asparagus and shitake mushrooms. Sauce, too, a simple cream and green peppercorn.

Method is easy ...

Heat up a cast iron griddle, drop the steaks on and turn after a few minutes. Let rest for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, put all your vegetables into a frying pan with a little of your favourite paleo fat and cook through. You want the crunch, so keep the heat down a little and keep an eye on it.

Sauce is simply double cream and green peppercorns. Reduce a little, pouring over the steak once served.

Ribeye Steak

Dessert was strawberries and whipped cream.