Tilapia Blumenthal

Tilapia Blumenthal? What the bloomin' thal is that?

Chef Heston Blumenthal is a British molecular gastronomist famed for such bizarre sounding, yet utterly appealing dishes as Bacon & Eggs Ice Cream, Sardine Sorbet and Snail Porridge.

Molecular gastronomy is about as far as you can get from paleo, perhaps its antithesis.

Nevertheless, even Chefs like these need to eat normal food and I gather this is one that Heston makes at home.

Inspired by his article in GQ Magazine, I thought I'd have a go!

The inspiration ...

Image: Romas Foord

Mine is different - I didn't follow the recipe and you should not either. Use what you have in and make the tastes work through a suitable herb.

Heston's recipe goes for cucumber and shrimp in butter with dill. Top that with sole.

Mine was similar, but I was using tilapia, which is a more fibrous fish and can stand stronger flavourings - tarragon and fennel, for me.

So, the method in all this madness ...

Begin by putting the base together.

In a skillet, soften some butter and warm some shrimp through while you peel, core and thinly slice some cucumber. Combine.

Add some herbs - dill, if you're using a delicate flavoured white fish like sole or cod; something stronger like tarragon and some shaved fennel with tilapia or sea bream; something earthier like parsley or chervil with sea bass.

Squeeze some lemon in and set to reduce gently as you fry your fish.

Take your fish fillet, pad dry and gently lay into a warm skillet with some butter, or your favourite fat.

Fry ...

Serve up with a line of the shrimp and cucumber, lay the fish fillets on top and garnish with a little lamb's lettuce, watercress, or some manner of green.

That's it - negligible time, little effort and a maximum flavour and goodness dish!