Hot & Cold Watercress Shooter

Wheatgrass! You know, that health food shot of so-called goodness that tastes of ass and looks about as appealing?

Here's the paleo version, which actually tastes good ...

I had some watercress about to go off and it wasn't going to be a part of the meal I was making.

Easy, just blend it all up with some green chilli and boiling water and pour it out into a cup or glass, or just drink it from the pan.

I poured out into Irish Coffee cups and dropped in an ice cube.

Why? The drink is hot, also hot with spiciness. The ice cube both chills and cools both of those effects, giving you a solid punch of sensation!

... and watercress is actually good for you.

For the primally motivated amongst us, I cannot see any issue with giving this a good slug of vodka. Make it a good one, though.