Lamb Curry

There's probably a fancy name for this, but it's Lamb Curry whichever way you slice it ... simple Lamb Curry.

I'm going to use a lamb leg, butterflied, which means it's taken off the bone and opened out. Leg is a good, fatty cut and loves slow-cooking.

Pressed for time as I was, I simply immersed the leg in water and pushed it into the oven set to 150C for three hours while I got about my day.

That's the meat cooked - the curry itself comes together quickly when you're ready to eat.

The curry ...

Begin by shredding an onion and get it softening in some butter or ghee. This process takes about half an hour and should be done on a low, slow heat ... not to be rushed.

As they begin to soften and change colour, sprinkle over the spices: ground coriander, ground cumin and turmeric. How much? Enough! I go with maybe a tablespoon of each over a large onion. I'm guessing, because I just sprinkle it over.

Once the onions are softened and caramelised, transfer them to a receptacle for blending (or into the blender if you have one) along with some cloves of garlic, some ginger and a few chillies. How many? Enough! Maybe 4-6 cloves of garlic for a 2 pound piece of meat, a thumb of ginger and as many chillies as you like heat.

Blend together to a paste.

Retrieve the lamb leg from the oven and chop it up roughly.

In a heavy saute pan, begin browning the meat in some more ghee or a little coconut oil.

Pour over the paste and stir in, frying it off lightly.

Pour over water, chuck in a couple of bay leaves, some sea salt (preferably Indian black salt) and some white pepper.

Let it simmer and reduce ...

Once reduction is well on its way, pour in some chopped tomatoes. Not too much - just enough for bulk, a little sweetness to offset the bitterness of the turmeric and a little colour. Half a carton is quite sufficient.

Ready to eat?

Serve over cauliflower rice, white rice (if you're Paleo+) or alongside some mashed sweet potatoes. I went for white rice boiled in bouillon, then fried off with mushrooms as a pilau.

Oh, did I mention the health benefits of turmeric? You can google that one for yourself ...