Cream Scallop Soup

Scallops with vegetables in a creamy soup. Heaven!

Aside from a concoction of other micro-nutrients, scallops are a great source of magnesium, an excellent pack of vitamin B12 and concentrated source of selenium, particularly.

There are a couple of ingredients in this particular soup which may prove controversial to straight-edge paleos: potatoes and cream.

Both potatoes and cream are welcomed within a paleo+ or beyond paleo style diet but if you don't want to include them, don't. The soup will be fantastic without.

If you are including potato, cube up a couple and get them boiling.

Begin with some fat in a wide skillet. I used butter, but beef dripping or coconut oil would be fine.

Brown off a few scallops and then toss in a chopped onion, some garlic and shredded cauliflower stalk leaves.

What's the deal with me and cauliflower stalk?

Well, I can't bear to throw anything away and so once pared from a cauliflower and the cauli used for another meal, I reserve the leaves for this kind of thing - even the grubby parts are fine whizzed up in an amuse bouche.

Back to it ...

Pour over some stock or bouillon - chicken stock would be good, fish stock fine, although might interfere with the delicate flavour of the scallops; bouillon, perfect.

Drain the now boiled potatoes and pour in, toss in some asparagus cut down a little, some white pepper, a good herb, marjoram in my case, and let it simmer for a short while - maybe a couple of minutes, just to warm everything through.

Pour in some cream. How much? Enough to bring the soup to an opaque off-white colour, which you can simmer on to reduce, but it's fine like this once warmed through.

Serve out into a wide brimmed bowl and enjoy.