Minced Lamb Ragout

Stew, from the French ragoƻter, meaning: "to revive the taste" and etymologically related to the Italian ragu, a ragout is a dish slow-cooked over a low heat.

Beyond that, there are no rules ... add in meat, don't add meat, spice it, don't spice it, and add an array of vegetables.

Let's begin ...

Take a large heavy-based pan and begin browning a couple of pounds of lamb mince on a high heat.

Some fat will be released, so toss in a chopped large onion. Feel free to add a little more fat if the meat is lean - coconut oil would be perfect.

Chop up an aubergine and a courgette into large cubes and add to the meat mixture. These will soak up all the liquid and fat nicely.

Pour in a carton of chopped tomatoes and a good pint, or so, of lamb stock.

Add two or three cloves of minced garlic and some pepper.

Lower the heat and let it simmer for a couple of hours.

It's ready when it's ready ... when the liquid has reduced and evaporated.

Add a good handful of chopped herbs - basil is perfect. Combine.

Serve out into a bowl and garnish with tomato, olives and pecorino shavings.