Haddock & Crushed Potatoes

Monday evening and I just want something quick ...

Haddock & Crushes Potatoes

Kettle on, water boiled ... pototoes on and a steamer of broccoli, asparagus & peas and a couple of lime wedges ready to go on towards the end.

Small skillet on, cream, sliced mushrooms, garlic powder, white pepper, smoked sea salt and chopped dill. Low, slow heat ... let the mushrooms colour through the cream which will reduce to a thick and suptuous sauce.

Almost there ...

Pop the steamer over the potatoes and get a larger skillet on with some butter. Pan fry the haddock fillets for three or four minutes on the presentation side then flip over and remove from the heat allowing the heat from the pan to finish the cooking.

Meanwhile, crush some butter into the potatoes, add in sliced spring onions and some sliced chicory.

Server out, potatoes down in the middle, green vegetables over to one side and the fish the other, sauce over the fish.

Monday dinner, done!