Brown Chicken Stew

Following on from my lunchtime Jerk Chicken, I rather fancied some more. So, about five o'clock, I put more chicken pieces together with some jerk seasoning and set it aside to marinate ...

Well, when it came to seven o'clock it looked a bit meagre so I set about something else ...

Brown Chicken Stew

I'm sure this is actually called Fricassee, or something French, but given the spicing it's Brown Chicken.


Jerked Chicken
Palm Oil
Large Onion
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Tomato Purée
Green Pepper
Dried Thyme
Palm Sugar*


In a large skillet, melt some red palm oil and soften a shredded onion. Once starting to caramelise, add in the garlic and ginger, the allspice and the chicken.

Fry off until the chicken has taken on a little colour, add a good squirt of tomato purée and top up with water.

Bring to the boil and add in a chopped green pepper, sliced tomato, a sprinkle of palm sugar and a good sprinkle of dried thyme.

Set to reduce over a medium flame and when it's reduced, it's ready.

Yeah, you could serve with coconut rice, or something, but it's best just to have a huge bowl of the stuff as is ...

*You spotted it. Sugar.

Well, palm sugar is the sweet sap of the palm tree, crystallised. It is largely sucrose based, so low in fructose and scores relatively lowly on the GI index. Used in strict moderation, it's one of those "primal" sweeteners, like honey ... and in this dish brought a real roundness, which allowed the full flavour of the chillies to be tasted without overly burning.

Check out Mark Sissons' article on sugar.