Steak, Red & Green

... a bit of a use-up meal.

I bagged a couple of decent sized medallion steaks from the discounted section of the supermarket a while ago and they've been sitting in the freezer for the right time to come along.

Tonight was the night ...

What with some rocket which needed eating, some red cabbage which had been sitting around for too long and the dog end of a carton of double cream.

Mmmm! I'm selling it to you aren't I?

Boil the red cabbage, sear the steak all around in a skillet and just cook through to rare, dress a plate with rocket and scatter the red cabbage over.

While the steak is resting, in the skillet, pour in some double cream, add a little sea salt and add some green peppercorns. Pick up the meat flavours into the cream and reduce ever so slightly.

Slice the meat and lay over the red cabbage. Pour the peppercorn sauce over.

Too gorgeous!

Steak, Red & Green