Turkey & Prawn Pilaf Stuffed Peppers

Turkey & Prawn Pilaf Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed peppers should not be overly wet on the inside, so try to keep "wet" ingredients to a minimum.

Pilaf is a Middle Eastern, Turkish, Persian, Uzbek, even North African dish of rice cooked in a seasoned broth, a term which I'm using in the broadest of sense since the rice will be cooked in broth, but inside a stuffed pepper.

You can stuff your peppers with anything you like, but here, I went with: minced turkey, prawns and cauliflower rice.

In a skillet, brown off the mince.

Meanwhile, steam some cauliflower and add to the skillet, crushing gently as you go and expelling as much liquid as you can.

Add some spice: ground coriander, perhaps some chilli powder, a little sea salt and some black pepper.

When the mixture is good and dry, simply lop the tops off a few peppers and stuff them up.

Place the peppers into an ovenproof dish (no lid), slip the tops back on the peppers and now pour in some bone broth. Stock will do if you don't have broth.

Into the oven at, say, 170C (350F?) for maybe 20 minutes, maybe half an hour, by which time the broth is reduced and the peppers good and soft.

Serve out into a wide brimmed bowl, slicing the peppers open and pouring more broth over.