Crab Senza Linguine

Crab Senza Linguine
Prior to ancestral eating, my Crab Linguine was one of my wife's favourite dishes; a simple preparation of crab, chillies and lime over linguine.

Ancestral eating has knocked traditional linguine out and while I could use a rice-based replacement, a perfectly good and actually nutritious replacement can be found in juliennes of courgette or carrot ... but ... I think I've found a perfect linguine now.

Nosing around a Polski Sklep (Polish food store) near work I was reminded of something I actually found many months ago: a curious jar of what looked like noodles.

The best I could get out of the shopkeeper at the time was that it was celeriac. Upon translating the ingredients, it was, indeed celeriac, in salt, vinegar and sugar.  No drama - simply soak in water for an hour and we're good to go ...


Vegetable Noodles - Juliennes, spiralized or bottled
Crab Meat - Fresh or canned
Flavours - Fish sauce, spring onions, garlic powder, coriander & chillies
Fat - Coconut oil

How much? Well, one crab each or, say, 170g of meat per person. Noodles to suit your appetite, chilli and fish sauce to suit your taste, garnish as appropriate.


Heat the coconut oil in a decent sized skillet, one which you can toss happily.

Add in the crab meat, your vegetable noodles (drained, if bottle preserved), chopped spring onions, chopped chillies, a touch of garlic powder and toss through.

Flavour with a dash of fish sauce. If using canned crab meat preserved in brine, skip the fish sauce.

Heat through and add a generous amount of chopped coriander, folded through.


Serve, lifting out with a couple of forks into bowls, gaining air and height. Garnished with more fresh coriander and perhaps a grind of freshly milled black pepper.

We had an Insalata di Caprese and a boiled egg alongside.