Leftover Fish Taco Breakfast

Friday nights are for spicy, silly, messy fun ...

Most recently, we've been enjoying Fish Tacos. White fish, usually coley or pollock, large onion, lots of coconut oil, shredded peppers, spice mix and we're done. Pico de Gallo and guac alongside, usually some Mexicana cheese (cheddar with chillies mixed in) and some soured cream. The tacos? Cos lettuce leaves.

I always make too much and so, the morning after the night before, we get to enjoy it all over again ...

Leftover Fish Taco Breakfast

... simply re-heated, scrambled eggs or an omelette alongside.

Too gorgeous!

While I like Cos lettuce, I have tried primal-style tortilla before using manioc flour and it works out very well, but this morning, I happened upon this fantastic idea: One Ingredient 100% Mexican “NOT CORN” Tortillas— LEGIT! And Paleo

... next time!