Chilli Con Carne Lasagne

Chilli Con Carne Lasagne
Friday night is Chilli Night!

I always make way too much, which is great since we've loads leftover for lunches with a baked potato, lettuce wraps, that kind of thing ... but recently, I've taken to making up a leftover Lasagne for Saturday night.

To make this you'll need the following: leftover Chilli Con Carne, tortilla and cheese sauce.

For two people, I find about 500g of leftovers is right, perhaps bulked out with some mushroom, aubergine or courgette. Three tortilla, too, so follow the madness in my Manioc Tortilla recipe. Finally, some cheese sauce for which I find about 100g let out with a little cream is just right.

Build your lasagne ...

Spread maybe a third of the cheese sauce into the bottom of an ovenproof dish, lay a tortilla and cover with half of the Chilli. Now, another tortilla, the other half of the Chilli, top with a tortilla and pour the cheese sauce over.

I like to split a chilli down the middle, de-seed and lay that over the top before committing to the oven for 20 minutes at 180C to heat through.

Chilli Con Carne Lasagne

Once ready, serve out with green salad and enjoy.