Paleo Renegade ... Recap

Three months on with a 'Renegade Diet' inspired eating regime ...
Feast on a great evening meal
Fast for 16 hours
Begin a period of easy eating: light protein and fat but little carbohydrate
Begin a period of feasting: pretty much whatever macronutrient ratio you like for evening meal
With an ancestral context, that fits very well with what Cordain spoke of regarding food timing and availability during the day.

Upon waking, we have a scratch, a piss and walk around, picking over the leftovers from last night's feast ... which, no, there isn't any since the dogs gnawed on what we left last night.

So, as the new dawn fades and the day yawns before us, we head off to work ... today, to the office, factory, farm, wherever, ancestrally, out into our land to hunt and gather.

During the day, we might happen to cross a stream, spear a few little fish, pick a few rock dwellers from seaside pools, catch a small animal, pick a few berries, that sort of thing, and so ... maybe around noon you're ready for a little light lunch.

Back to the camp late afternoon with the spoils of the day, in modern terms, the money we've just earned to pay for the things we've got stored away in our cupboards, fridges and freezers; an evening meal for the family to be the focal point. Now we can eat something starchy.

Well, as a recap, I don't seem to have gained or lost any weight other than the usual loss of a couple of inches around the waist that I get this time of year - lean for spring, bulked for winter - but I think that's perfectly natural and absolutely evolutionarily accordant for a northern European.

I do feel great! I never really went in for breakfast, but now I absolutely enjoy my lunches, certainly with no heavy carbohydrate and never feel pogged, sluggish or dull in the afternoon and always hit dinner without any sense of already feeling full and having to go through the motions, ending up feeling even more pogged.

Mrs does like something upon waking and so some yoghurt and berries does her well.

Here's a couple more lunches ...

... I love this format!