Yoghurt Marinated Salmon with Hot & Cold Cabbage

Yoghurt Marinated Salmon with Hot & Cold Cabbage
Marinating is a great technique for softening meat and fish, be it lemon juice, lime juice, vinegar or yoghurt.

Today, I'm using yoghurt ... or rather yesterday, I used yoghurt ... Greek yoghurt and lemon juice.

So, back up a day ...



Marinade - Greek yoghurt, celery salt, black pepper, turmeric, ground coriander, fenugreek, asafoetida and lemon juice.

Marinated Salmon

For two, put five or six generous tablespoons of Greek yoghurt into a bowl and add in the spices. As a rough guide, half a teaspoon of each will do admirably.

Cube up your fish - salmon, here and drop into the bowl. Stir well.

Settle into the fridge overnight.

Today ...


White and red cabbage, butter.

Cucumber, mooli, tomato and beetroot.

Red wine vinegar.

Butternut squash, goose fat and mustard seeds.


Butternut Squash

Bulk. Take some cubes of butternut squash and par-boil them. You just want to take the rawness off since we'll be frying this off later on.

Hot & Cold Cabbage

Conceptually, this is fried white cabbage into which cold white ingredients are added - cucumber, daikon and dill; marinated cold red cabbage into which warmed red ingredients are added - beetroot and tomato.

Shred some red cabbage and marinate in a bowl with some red wine vinegar.

Grate some beetroot and slice through a tomato. Set aside - we'll warm this through later and add to the cold red cabbage.

Shred some white cabbage and cook it through on a low heat in a skillet with goose fat.

Slice some cucumber and mooli (you might know this as daikon) into matchsticks. Set aside with some chopped dill - we'll add this to the warm white cabbage later.

Got it?


Fire up your Tandoor!

No, I don't have one either so my grill will have to do - get it heated up to about 225C.

Lay the salmon pieces on a piece of kitchen foil and place them under the grill. Grill? Broiler/Salamander ... overhead heat source. If you're using a grill over coals, sit the pieces of salmon onto the bars.

Give the fish about 10 minutes and then turn the pieces over. They will cook through, catch some of the heat and darken up some of the yoghurt - this is all good.

Meanwhile ...

Take a second skillet, melt some of your favourite paleo fat (goose fat, for me), add in some black mustard seeds and fry off the squash cubes - keep them moving so they don't catch, but do colour them up.

Your white cabbage will be cooked through by this point, so put that into a bowl and combine with your cucumber, mooli and dill.

Return that skillet to the heat to cook the beetroot and tomato through. Use a little fat if need be.

Drain off the red cabbage and add the hot beetroot and tomato to it. Combine.


Plate up the cabbage as a base, white on one side, red on the other over which the salmon pieces can be scattered, squash cubes intermingled.

Garnish with dill.

Hot, cold, several types of sour, subtle sweetness from the beetroot and sharpness from the daikon.

Full flavours!