Foie de Boeuf

Foie de Boeuf
Simple beef liver given the French language makeover ... now it sounds posh!

Yeah, it's just beef liver ...

I say "just" but lets not forget that organs are the prize! I don't eat much land animal, but when I do ... it's the tough, sinewy cuts that need long and slow cooking, or offals.

Offals pack in the nutrients in a way that the flesh does not. Largely a pesce-paleo, I see organs as something too prized to overlook.

You need ...

Beef liver, gravy (leftover from a slow-cooked piece of meat), onion, mushroom and something green - samphire, in my case, and herbs. Chervil, here. Black pepper, sea salt.


Using leftover meat juices from a slow-cooked piece of shin, get it up to temperature and add in some sliced mushrooms. Black pepper.

Meanwhile, caramelise some onions. Touch of sea salt.

Add to the jus, add some arrowroot and a good knob of butter, raise the temperature and watch it thicken.

Voilà! Gravy ...


... needs nothing more than boiling water poured over, count to ten and drain.

Beef Liver

... wants little more than gently frying off in some butter.


... onions and mushrooms down first, beef liver over, spoon the jus on top, samphire next and crown with chervil.