B&M ... Quick & Dirty

B&M ... Quick & Dirty
... at the weekend, we had an unctuous piece of slow-cooked beef shin.

The best bit about a hunk of beef skin is the leftovers: shredded meat salad for lunch and gravy into the freezer in a bag.

Needing a fast dinner prior to fencing, I flicked the oven onto 200C and pushed a bunch of high meat volume turkey sausages in.

30 minutes, we'll be done ...

... meanwhile, melt the gravy in a pan along with some sliced mushroom.

... also, peel and cube up a squash, boil and mash with butter.

Here comes the nom!

Mash down, sausages over, spoon the mushrooms over and pour the gravy around.

That's dinner - get eating! Quick, dirty and absolutely filthy gorgeous!