Scallops in the Shell

For your viewing pleasure ... with a creamy, peppery sauce over a duvet of spinach and Japanese omelette.

You'll need scallops (two per person), cream, white pepper, egg, spinach and butter.

Optionally, Nasturtium as garnish, which lends a light, floral pepperiness quite different to the base note pepper in the spinach.

One skillet ...

Whisk a single egg (for two) with a tiny splash of water. Whisk it really well. Pour into a pre-heated and buttered skillet and swirl around gently until all the liquid egg has caught. Cook on until the egg has just cooked. Remove onto a board and roll up. Slice through into thin noodles.

More butter, wilt your spinach; a good handful per person. Spinach wilts down to nothing. Add a little white pepper. Place on the board once wilted.

Heat up, more butter, scallops in and colour up. Place on the board once colour.

De-glaze the pan with a splash of water and pour in some double cream. Reduce.

Serve out into a scallop shell, spinach down first, interleaved with the egg noodles. Scallops on top, cream sauce over and garnish with Nasturtium.