Pollock & Prawn Tacos

The Taco part is easy ... Gem Lettuce.

The fillings should be done sort of backwards, with the fish last ...

First, a salsa of sorts. Take a green pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, ginger and chilli, and blend the lot.

Sieve it. Shake the sieve to release more liquid; the more the better. The salsa should be quite dry, but the liquid is important.

The released liquid should be joined by a good squeeze of lime juice.

Drop the fish in - I used Pollock, a white Atlantic fish, filleted and cut into small chucks. Allow the fish to marinate for a good hour.

I also made up a Holy Guacamole. Holy? Indeed, it's so pure - just the avocado, blended well.

Back to the fish ...

In a hot skillet and a good amount of coconut oil, fry off the fish and some prawns. The liquid should have been drained, but some in the pan is not a bad thing - it will evaporate and add to the flavour.

While in the pan, sprinkle over some paprika, cayenne pepper and a little black pepper. See! No need to flour the fish. No need at all.

Once cooked, fish in a bowl, garnished with fresh coriander and a slice of lime, lettuce on a plate and the salsa and guac alongside.