Liver & Onions

Liver & Onions
Classic! Although no gravy ... but chestnut mushrooms alongside.

Liver is a fantastic offal, full of all manner of goodness, but most importantly, a great pack of vitamin A.

While it is suggested that one errs on the shy side of vitamin A consumption, I'm not sure you can really have too much of a good thing. As with all things truly paleo, don't weigh it, don't measure it, eat it, enjoy it ... don't worry.

This is lamb's liver ...

First, the onion, which just wants shredding and softened over a low heat with some butter, coconut oil or your favourite cooking fat until they begin to brown and caramelise.

At this point just scrape them to the side of the skillet and fry off a few mushrooms. I went with large chestnut mushrooms which I found at my local Farm Shop, large, almost portabello in size, so sliced through and cooked off in more butter, turned to soak up all the fatty goodness.

Serve out the onions and mushrooms onto a plate and then, raise the heat under the skillet, settling in a few slices of liver.

This will cook through quickly, certainly before the onions have time to cool.

Turn the liver once one side is done, giving each side a final flash at the end.

Serve over the onions and mushroom, garnishing with fresh herbs: parsley, in my case.

For a really sumptuous dish, pour some thick gravy over, then garnish.

Either way, what a perfect breakfast!

And, what a fantastic day - cold, bright and just right for a great walk.