Braised Beef Steak

Braised Beef Steak
Braising beef is tough and likes to be just left to slow cook. Braising beef steak is simply a steak of braising beef and should be treated exactly as you would diced braising beef.

Take a lidded oven-proof dish and line the base with shredded onion and some minced garlic.

Brown off the steaks on the hob and transfer to the dish.

Fresh thyme, a bay leaf and some beef stock over ... into the oven set low, like 140C, for 2-3 hours, more if you want, but lower the heat.

For the last hour, remove the lid so that the gravy can reduce and consolidate.

Ready to eat?

Retrieve the steak carefully - it will transfer to the plate in one piece, like a steak, so long as you're careful but remember, this meat has slow cooked and it will be soft and tender.

Blend up the gravy so that all the onion and herb goodness is incorporated in and then strain to remove excess solids. Whisk in some butter to give it a sheen and slick thickness.

Serve with some veggies. We had mashed potato and some delicious kale, which was so soft and dense, almost like a kale duvet.