I am not at all au fait with Thai food, so please excuse me if I completely misunderstood this ... I hope I got it right. If not, I've come up with something quite wonderful!

I have had it in mind to do something with minced meat and prawns for some time. The idea sat on a back-burner for a while and with revived interest set about reading up on how to make something really tasty based around that idea.

One thing led to another and I found a dish called Laab.

Thai, also Lao, Laab is a simple meat and rice dish served with a salad.

There appears to be little by way of a "standard", so I just thought ... what the hell ... I'll use what I want to use and spice it up.

Looking at all manner of recipes, the spicing appears simple: chilli; flavour enhancement: fish sauce.

I went with minced turkey breast, fancying something a little different, boosted with some prawns, filled out with shredded spring onions and cucumber, then just the fish sauce, chilli, garlic, ginger, squeeze of lime and fresh coriander.

Let's begin ...

Cook off the mince in a large skillet, oiled with a little coconut oil.

Once cooked through and with a nice grainy texture, add in some prawns and some fish sauce. Don't over-do it, though - fish sauce is salty!

Once the prawns are warmed through, add in the spiciness: ginger, garlic, spring onions and chilli.

Shred up some spring onions and fine dice some cucumber. The cucumber was in there as a feint attempt to bring the saltiness down a little; I perhaps over-did the fish sauce or maybe the primal palate is not used to it.

Ready to eat?

Serve out with some lettuce leaves having given the food a squeeze of lime juice and a garnish of fresh coriander.

Laab is often served with rice. While this is perfectly primal, it wasn't necessary for us today. Maybe another time.

This might well become one of my new favourite dishes - the combinations, taste experiences and subtle flavours that can be put in are almost endless ...