Pork Three Ways

First, a warning ... was Leviticus 11:7 right?

Caution to the wind, let's get on with it! What is it?

It's marrow stuffed with pork mince, sausages over and a spicy chorizo and tomato sauce.

First, get your sausages into the oven to warm through and colour up.

Somewhere around 30 minutes at 180C is perfect, turning every so often. This also gives sufficient time for the rest of the meal - preparation and cooking.

Next, the marrow.

Slice the marrow into sections about an inch and a half thick - thicker if you like. Core the sections and sit them on an ovenproof board with a little fat to stop them sticking.

Brown some pork mince in a skillet with a little lard or coconut oil. One pound of mince for two people is perfect for filling four such marrow circles.

Meanwhile, cut up half an onion (the other half will be used later) and some garlic, blend to a purée and pour into the minced meat. Cook through, check for seasoning - so, sea salt and pepper; add some sage just to perfume the meat and then fill the marrow.

That took maybe ten minutes, so we've got twenty minutes until the sausages are indicatively ready ... twenty minutes is fine for cooking the marrow through, so into the over with them.

Optionally, ten minutes from the end of cooking, put a couple of slices of cheese over the marrow sections, even a splash of Worcestershire Sauce.

Now, turn your attention to the spicy sauce.

Begin by skinning some chorizo, half it, slice it finely and get it cooking in a skillet, perhaps with a little coconut oil.

Remember that half onion? Cut to a fine dice and add it into the skillet. More garlic, too, if you like.

Once the chorizo is cooked through, add in a carton of chopped tomatoes, a good squirt of tomato puree, a minced or sliced chilli and leave on high to reduce and combine the flavours.

Just before serving, stir in some chopped fresh parsley, check for seasoning, adding sea salt and freshly milled black pepper if necessary.

Ready to eat?

The sausages are cooked, browned and the marrow is cooked through ...

Place a couple of stuffed marrow sections on a plate, sausages on top and crown with the sauce.