Curried Parsnip Soup

Gah! I've got a head cold ... sneezing, coughing and generally feeling grotty :(

What better than a warming soup?

Quick and easy to make, I simply shredded a leek, a little ginger, minced a few cloves of garlic, cubed a large parsnip and a Scotch Bonnet pepper.

Kill or cure!

Add some ground coriander and a sprinkle of turmeric (the medicine).

Boil that lot in a large pan with some bouillon, blend, reduce and thicken.

If only I had some chicken bone broth ...

Pour in some cream if you like (I didn't), serve and garnish with some fresh herbs - more coriander.

Hot! Hot! Just right for a healing soup.

Leftovers? Next time, stir in some spinach ... after that, drop in some shredded ham ... or some scallops.