Poached Trout Blackberry Salad

Celebrating the end of the blackberry season, I collected what I think is the last of the blackberries from our garden that had not gone over to squishy and fermenting.

What to do with them? I could put them with a Panna Cotta, make a nice compote alongside game: venison or rabbit, or, alongside fish: salmon or trout.

Trout it is!

First things first. Wash your blackberries and leave them soaking for a few minutes in cold water and a good helping of vinegar to get all the bugs out. Not bothered about bugs? I'm not, but my Mrs is ... just wash them.

I made up a salad with some warm carrot and courgette ribbons, fennel shavings and black pudding.

Using a vegetable peeler, take some ribbons off a carrot and a courgette. Using the same vegetable peeler, shave some fennel. Sauté the fennel in a little butter and let the ribbons sit in some boiling water while you get the rest ready.

Immerse a fillet of trout in some bouillon to poach.

Fry off a couple of rounds of black pudding and set aside, frying off some chorizo in the same pan.

Black Pudding? Blood, fat and filler! What a treat! It's not fully paleo, containing oatmeal and barley, but it is very good indeed and this is something I happily gorge on as part of my proverbial 20%. I buy Bury Black Pudding, a northern English specialty and widely renowned as the best there is.

Take a wide-brimmed bowl, a good handful of Bistro salad (lamb's lettuce, spinach, leaves and shredded beetroot), drain the ribbons and mix with the shaved fennel placing a mount in the middle of the bowl, salad around, cube the black budding and sprinkle over, sprinkle the chorizo over, black pepper, some blackberries over, then place the trout fillet in the middle.

Soured cream? Asparagus? Slice of lemon? Something to crown it and dig in!