Chilli Stuffed Omelette

Leftovers make a simple breakfast ...

You need some leftover Chilli Con Carne, a few eggs, cheese if you're so inclined and a skillet.

Make your Chilli Con Carne however it is you like, eat most of it, enjoy it and pop the rest in the fridge.

My Chilli Con Carne is based around a kilo of minced beef, browned, then a blend of onion, garlic, ginger and chilli (puréed with a hand blender) is added, stirred through, one carton of tomatoes added, sprinkle of paprika, oregano, a good splash of salsa inglesa (or, Worcestershire Sauce as we know it ... Mexicans love this stuff, apparently), lots of freshly milled black pepper, beef stock and towards the end of cooking, more chilli and perhaps a little sea salt. Phew!

Morning has broken ... or late morning/early afternoon, if you were overindulging in sensible indulgences ...

Crack three eggs into a bowl and whisk through with a fork breaking up the yolks into the whites - you want a rough texture, nothing too blended.

Butter or coconut oil into a skillet, eggs in, stir around to break up the texture as it starts to cook an while still just runny ensure that a good circle is former. I'm using a skillet with a 6" base.

Take off the heat, sprinkle over some grated cheese if that's acceptable to your paleo template, otherwise proceed ...

Pop the skillet under the grille/broiler to puff up the omelette a little, melt the cheese and give it a gentle burning, lending a smoky taste to the omelette.

In another skillet, warm through some leftover Chilli Con Carne and spoon into the omelette, folding the sides up and around, or just flip one side over.

Salad alongside and more sauce over, whatever you want to do ... eat, feel great, get about your day!