From the Tamil "milagu thanni", or "pepper water", Mulligatawny was popularised in the West by Heinz as a soup.

The Heinz soup is dark brown, rich, peppery with small chunks of beef and bulked with rice. Other versions are more yellow, laced with turmeric.

I choose not to call this Mulligatawny Soup since it wasn't soup - it was more of a wet stew. So, just Mulligatawny. Click, for a more conventional Beef Mulligatawny Soup.

Let's get on with it ...

Begin by browning a good quantity of diced beef. I went for a almost three pounds for two, hoping for leftovers. Read on regarding that.

Once browned, pour in some puréed onion, garlic and ginger, and cook that through.

Slosh in a good helping of Worcestershire Sauce, sprinkle over a generous amount of coriander, sufficient turmeric and then a good helping of ground black pepper.

Pour in some beef stock, salt to taste, a good blob of tomato puree and set that on a low heat to simmer for a few hours, reducing the liquor and softening the meat.

Remember to turn the heat down! I forgot and returned an hour later to find it stuck to the pan and smoking. I rescued as much meat as I could by pulling the unburned pieces away from the pan and cutting off the charcoal. This lent an interesting flavour to the final dish.

Begin again ...

Our meat is cooked and we want to eat soon.

Around 20 minutes before you want to eat, chuck in some diced parsnip, diced green pepper, a handful of risotto rice and some fresh chilli.

Raise the heat to cook these ingredients through, topping up a little water if necessary, but aim to reduce the liquid well. The rice will thicken it.

If rice is not within your paleo template then just leave it out. Thicken with a little tomato puree and reduction.

Just before serving, a generous handful of chopped coriander should be turned through the dish before spooning out into wide brimmed bowls.