Wood Pigeon

Actually a member of the dove family, the wood pigeon is a wild bird which gleans fatty pink breast meat with a game flavour from its diet taken from open fields or gardens and lawns where young shoots and seedlings are favoured.

Seasonally shot from January to March, this was a celebration of the passing of the season for this delicious bird.

Wilt some spinach with a little butter in a skillet and keep warm.

Trim the breast off the bird, reserving the remainder of the carcass for stock, and taking care to remove all shot from the flesh.

Warm a little butter, dripping or coconut oil in a skillet and lay the breasts in to colour up a little on one side before flipping over to colour the other, warming the middle through in the process.

Wood Pigeon is best served slightly pink so plate up a mound of spinach, laying the meat over.

While the fat is still hot, whisk in a shot of whisky or red wine, emulsify and pour over the meat. Garnish with a little black truffle which is right in season, presently.