Cavolo Nero Shooter!

Cavolo Nero is an Italian kale, black in colour and very dark green once cooked.

Very very damn tasty and absolutely bang in season right now ...

When you get a bunch of kale, you don't use it all at once. Some loses its colour and looks a little bland, still very green, but bland next to the darker leaves around it.

Stop! Don't throw it away! Make up an amuse bouche ... better still, chill it.

Chop the kale and add to some leek and wild garlic in a pan with some butter. Fry off, add water and some stock - any will do; failing stock, some bouillon.

Boil, blend, pass through a sieve, reduce and chill in the fridge.

Chilled, pour into a glass, splash of green Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, ice cube and slice of lemon. For a sensible indulgence, give it a shot of vodka, Russian, naturally.