Felafel, that Middle Eastern snack of chick peas and spice ... gorgeous.

But, how to keep it paleo ...

Inspired, well directly copied from Mellissa over at I Breathe ... I Eat ... sans the tahini, mine was a straight down the line cauliflower, almond flour, coconut flour, herb, spice and a couple of eggs.

Not being a weigher and measurer, I struggled a little with a real recipe.

Taking the largest quantity and working around it worked out for me. I cut off some cauliflower florets and broke them down with a hand blender. The recipe calls for a food processor, which I do not have, so I hand blended and pulled out the largest pieces which had not broken down.

I had about a cup ... great! The recipe calls for a cup. My cup was a real cup, not a "cup".

Anyway, one cup of cauli florets broken down, half a cup of almond flour, some spices - cayenne pepper, white pepper, celery salt, sea salt, cinnamon, coriander, some herbs - parsley, and a couple of eggs, hand blended with some desiccated coconut, since I had no coconut flour and ...

I let it sit for a half hour, thinking the eggs were a little too large and the mix a little wet. Maybe the nuts will soak it up.

It kind of did ...

Divided into four Chef's rings and dropped into a frying pan with some butter, set on low, I cooked the Fauxafels through - maybe 6 minutes each side and we're done. The Fauxafels went from sloppy to firmed up through this cooking.

Served out over shredded lettuce, interspaced with beef tomato slices and topped off with Greek yoghurt and mint ... gorgeous!

This method did take a lot of time. Next time I make this up, I will probably make up little balls and bake them in the oven.