Beef Mince with Aubergine & Mushroom

Absolutely effort-free, deep, rich, flavoursome and packed full of goodness!

Aubergine (you may well know this as an Eggplant) contains anthocynanins in the deep purple skin which are beneficial anti-oxidants against cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases. Furthermore, fibre, a strong vitamin B complex and a good pack of minerals.

Mushrooms (here, I used Portabello Mushrooms), again, have a good complex of vitamin B and provide a rich source of zinc.

Let's get cooking ...

I said at the top that this is an effort-free dish. Really, it is!

Begin by browning some beef mince, ground beef, or whatever you call it in a frying pan. Meanwhile, purée a couple of shallots and some garlic, pouring into the beef.

Stir in just a little tomato purée, maybe half a teaspoon per pound of meat and transfer to an covered oven-proof dish, just covering with water and settling into a pre-heated over set to 150C.

Cook on for an hour, a couple of hours, but an hour is about right for this first stage.

During that hour, the meat will soften.

Remove from the oven and drop some slices of aubergine and mushroom in, folding into the meat. There will still be some liquid in there which will assist with the next part - both the aubergine and mushrooms will release liquid, but it will be reduced by the heat.

Return to the oven with the lid off for a further half hour, folding the ingredients again half way through.

Ready to serve?

Shred some spring greens, place in boiling water for a couple of minutes, drain and then toss in the remaining fat in your initial frying pan .You didn't wash it up, did you?

Serve out into a bowl, spring greens first, beef, aubergine & mushroom in a mound on top.

Arrange a few cubes of feta around, to offset some of the fattiness in the dish and perhaps a boiled egg alongside.

Garnish with fresh chopped parsley and a good splash of Tabasco if you want it pepped up.