Chilli Con Carne Sweet Potato

Quick and dead easy ... it's leftovers!

Chilli Con Carne Sweet Potato

Commit a sweet potato cut in half to the oven, set to 180C for about 30 minutes.

Take some leftover Chilli Con Carne and warm it through in a pan.

Dress a plate with some salad leaves and maybe some chilli sauce*.

Prepare the rest: grated local sheep cheese, matchstick cucumber and tomato, horse ear spring onions and some soured cream.

Great! The potato is ready ...

Pop it on the plate, good slab of butter, Chilli Con Carne, cheese, soured cream and the salad ingredients. Sea salt and black pepper.

Dinner is served!

Great! Feeling replete but not overly full and ready for an evening of fencing ...

*The sauce I slathered over is my own chilli sauce: red chillies, powdered ginger, powdered garlic, sea salt, white pepper, cider vinegar & lemon juice. Purée well and pass through a sieve. Thicken with a little arrowroot if necessary.