Cauliflower Stalk & Potato Soup with Crab Beignet

Crab Beignet? Not the traditional French type from choux pastry, but a quick and easy with three ingredients: canned crab, cottage cheese and tapioca flour.

The soup is simply cauliflower stalks (I never throw away trimmings) and cubes of potato with onion, garlic and some bouillon. Cook through, soup done.

Back to these Beignets ...

Take a can of crab meat, drain and squeeze out thoroughly. Combine with equal portions of cottage cheese and then start to add in tapioca flour until the mixture turns dry enough to roll out into long sausages without it sticking to hands or the rolling board.

Cut into inch long sections and roll each piece in a large bowl with more tapioca flour.

Shallow fry in coconut oil, say in a milk pan. Good and hot, or they'll simply stick together.

Ready? Serve out ...

Soup in a bowl with a good mount of beignets in the middle.