Spicy Duck Breast

Who doesn't like a good pair of breasts?

Spicy Duck Breast

With a couple of duck breasts, some leftover mashed potato and a huge cucumber from a friend's allotment it might sound like the start of a joke, but it is the formation of an idea for dinner.

Peeled, cored and thinly sliced, cucumber is lovely with a splash of rice wine vinegar, a little sea salt and some shredded spring onions to accompany. Finished with fresh coriander, it'll make a spritely accompaniment to the fatty duck.

Mashed potato, chilled, chives and chilli, small egg to bind, a good starchy base for the meal is quickly formed.

... and onto cooking.

Duck breast takes about 10 minutes in total. The potato patties will take about 10 minutes to cook through.

10 minutes, then ...

In a skillet, dry, place the duck breasts skin side down and press down for about 30 seconds. Leave them in place for a further 6 minutes. Flip them over and leave them for 4 minutes, during the last of which use tongs to sear the sides. The meat should be cooked through, but remain pink inside.

In another skillet, coconut oil to shallow fry, drop the patties in. Five minutes each side and they're done.

Meanwhile make up the cucumber side and a sauce.

I keep a few select bottles of sauces in the fridge, sauces with minimal lab ingredients that can be used as condiment to really pull out a punch in a dish ...

Today, I mixed Maggi Chilli Sauce with Worcestershire Sauce, some white pepper, celery salt and a splash of lemon juice. Yum!


Spicy Duck Breast

Plate up, potato pattie down, duck breast just rested for a few minutes and sliced through placed over the top. Sauce and salsa alongside, give the dish a quick crowning with sauce and perhaps some fresh herbs. Don't forget the sesame seeds over the cucumber. I did.