Corned Beef & Plantain Hash

Corned Beef & Plantain Hash
On Sunday, we had a simple Beef Shin stew; the beef stewed for several hours before root veggies were added, cooked through and served with cabbage and kale.

Leftovers ...

Left over was a gelatinous gravy with just a few pieces of potato, squash and carrot, and some meat pieces. I retrieved the meat pieces, shredded them up and blended the remaining gravy and veggies which formed the stock for my Corned Beef Hash.

Corned Beef in the UK is hallowed. We love the stuff. I think folks the other side of the pond might know it as Bully Beef, but it's essentially the same thing.

So, into the stock went some chopped plantains, beef stock, tomato purée, paprika, chillies, onion, garlic, radishes and the leftover meat, shredded.

Simmered on until the plantains were softened and the stock reduced, then cubed corned beef and tomatoes cut into eighths, a few more minutes and we're done.

Fold through and serve ...

It's a comfort meal.

To be absolutely frank the plantains didn't quite work out. The brought a dry, almost powdery sensation to the dish. I rather wish I had pre-fried them in a lot of butter and added at the end. No drama, it was a good meal, filling and satiating; nice and quick for a Monday night.