Carne Asada

Carne Asada
Nothing magical or exotic, Carne Asada is a Mexican preparation of simple marinated and grilled meat.

Carne Asada can be put into tacos or burritos, or simply as is, as I'll be doing ...

The meat is rump steak, about two thirds of an inch thick.

The marinade is simply lime juice, sea salt and black pepper and the meat wants little more than, say, quarter of an hour to bathe in these flavours. Worcestershire Sauce might be a good addition, but don't think about Tabasco or chilli powder - once on the grill, your steak will turn into a chemical weapon!

Alongside, I'm going to have a simple salad of shredded crisp lettuce with radicchio. Red and green, crunchy and bitter. I'm also going to have a Pico de Gallo of tomato, cucumber and olives.

So, ready to eat?

Pre-heat your griddle pan until smoking hot, drop the meat on, turn when ready and set aside to rest for a couple of minutes before slicing through.

Serve on a large plate, meat in the middle, salads alongside, sliced avocado over, perhaps a splash of Tabasco over the meat ... and dig in!