Sea Bass, Samphire and Ponch Maip

Sea Bass, Samphire and Ponch Maip
Samphire? I've used this quite a bit recently, so any one of the recent posts will give you the low-down on this gorgeous sea vegetable. Think tiny, salty asparagus.

Ponch Maip? It's mashed swede and carrot, a Welsh thing. Lots of butter mashed in and traditionally topped with onion bits, I just had to.

Sea Bass? Yeah, you know ... the fish.

Pretty simple to put together ...

First, gut, scale, fillet and bone your fish.

You might notice orange segments in the picture? Segment an orange. Orange goes so well with sea bass.

Boil your roots and once just softened, place a steamer over with the samphire. If you don't have samphire, any green will do - asparagus, spinach, watercress, kale, whatever you have. Steam for a couple of minutes.

Crush the roots with a fork, mashing in loads of butter!

Meanwhile, heat a frying pan and fry off your sea bass fillets.

Plate up ...

I did stripes of ponch maip and samphire, making an orange/green base over which I sprinkled some onion bits and chopped chives.

Fish over the top, garnished with dill and orange segments pushed in wherever.

Some cockles, whelks, winkles or clams in and amongst the samphire would really elevate this simple dish. Perhaps next time ...