BBQ Brisket ... of sorts ...

Brisket with chilli jam glaze
Ever wondered what to do with that marmalade you have left over from your pre-paleo days?

Perhaps you are given choice deli preserves by well-meaning family members?

I abhor the idea of wasting food and while this is most certainly not something even the remotest stretch of the imagination could call paleo-ish, it's a decent way of using up these lingering neolithic artefacts.

While I could make up some Bread 2.0 and enjoy this as a sweet treat, I could also ...

BBQ Glaze

I had a jar of Orkney Chilli Jam. Actually, it's more like marmalade, but the ingredients read pretty good: orange, lemon, lime, chilli, sugar.

Scraped into a bowl, I added Worcestershire Sauce. Coconut aminos would do well, perhaps just fish sauce? I like Worcestershire Sauce and I don't apologise for the odd ingredient here or there that might or might not be primal - it's a condiment. Relax.

Now, I want to pack it out with spicy, smokey flavours: smoked sea salt, ground coriander, white pepper, black pepper, garlic, ginger, paprika.

Truth be told, I just opened the spice cupboard and pretty much loaded everything in! Go on, sprinkle some cocoa powder in there, too ... and some herbs: dried oregano.

Beauty! Now do something useful with it and spread it over some meat ...

Brisket with chilli jam glaze

I had brisket. This would work well over belly pork, chicken drumsticks and thighs, bison, buffalo, pretty much anything you can roast. I don't think lamb would work out too well, but perhaps a leg or shoulder, Moroccan-style?

Get your Ramsay on!

Dish. Cover with foil. Tight. Oven. Low. Four or five hours ... actually eight for us and it had dried out. When I checked it at four hours it was pretty much perfect. Fuck!

Rest, slice and serve with whatever you fancy ... vegetables, naturally.